– Develop new relationships with African SME’s, local Factories, local Chamber of Commerce, major international companies already in Africa, national oil companies, infrastructure companies, mining companies, engineering procurement and construction firms, import & export, service providers, consultants, law firms, agribusinesses, african private equity firms, institutional investors and investment banks

  • Align your brand to the “African Growth Story’’ and position your commitment to the region

  • Engage face-to-face with African Entrepreneurs, ministers, executives of state owned enterprises (SOEs) and private project owners to exchange “peer to peer” thereby qualifying your local Counterpart.

  • Develop co-financing partnerships with Africa centric funds, Investment Banks, Institutional Investors, Development banks and Private Equity companies

  • Speak first-hand to project owners, risk analysts and investment analysts about packaged and de-risked projects in the African Public and Private sector

  • Engage with Ministers of Finance to discuss enabling investment frameworks from across the continent . Speak with sector ministers in the Oil and Gas, Power, Mining, Agriculture, Commerce and Transport sectors

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